The Great Gift of Life

Living is the simplest, truest, most humbled act of human existence. To carry on in the face of fear, regret, guilt, anger, shame – is an act of courage and resilience. When I am faced with horrific acts of violence, I am struck by the grace that must exist for people to live; to carry […]

“Help Me” Enrollment

“There must be something for me to learn here…” Is what I thought, when I received a series of e-mails and phone calls asking for help. Some of them were for enrolling new clients into pre-existing businesses and some were “I don’t feel better – can you help me?” I was immediately struck by a […]


Have you ever eaten a meal at the wheel? Perhaps a quick snack or even a whole deli sandwich? Or maybe you stop at the lights and check your phone while waiting to see what the latest update is? Worse yet, how many of us have seen a text come in and peered over trying […]

Parenting was HARD for me.

I wanted to be a mother so bad. I married at 26 because I wanted to birth children. I planned to stay home and be a free spirited mom. I thought I would grow vegetables, care for a farm and raise my babies on my breast! I married a great doctor who provided all the […]

No, I Can’t!

I can’t tell you how many times people get worried, fearful, caught up, overwhelmed and think: “I don’t have time to stop and meet with you.” Or, for my friend who called today, “I don’t have time to make this dream happen!” But the truth is, you don’t have time not too. What ever is […]

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