Thinking yourself into a box?

In describing how the human brain functions, anticipating your experience, researchers John Kounios and Mark Beeman conclude, “Thus “the box” came to represent the knowledge and assumptions you have gleamed from experience. It constrains your thinking and behavior in ways that can cause you to miss a better idea or perspective.” In my work with […]

The Personal is Universal

July 2011 I am sitting in front of a small workshop group, eleven people in all. Michael Neill is sitting across from me listening. I finish my small tirade on the evils of fear and the impact of its presence on my life. Michael asks, “Jeanne, what does fear mean to you?” I hesitate, take […]

To Do or Not To Do?

I hear a version of the following question every day, “I know it’s my thinking but what do I do about…” The rest of the question varies. It may be “about my illness?” or it may be “about feeling confused” or “feeling depressed” or about “death” or “my kids,”  the list goes on. I even […]

I can’t give it away but…

I don’t have to. You already have it inside of you. Everything you need to experience love, forgiveness, compassion, peace of mind, productivity, creativity… limitless potential resides within you. Then where is it? I can hear the question as it hangs on the tip of your tongue. Like a sour piece of fruit – too […]

What’s the Point of Understanding?

There is a potential for understanding that is beyond what I already know. This is fundamentally true. It has nothing to do with my intellectual capacity. In fact, too much thinking, analysis, or simply seeing the importance of knowledge can grab the attention of our little minds. Personal thinking, habitual thinking can dominate our lives, […]

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