Friends and family often tell me, “you could sell ice to an Eskimo!” Typically this expression isn’t considered a positive one, yet when my friends and family say it to me, they say it with a twinkle in their eye and a smile. it used to bother me until I realized I would never sell […]

What you will regret when you die…

This week my husband bought a condo. Right now, he is pulling down walls and constructing the perfect training center for Divine Play! When we looked at the space for the first time, my husband and I both “felt” YES! We were nervous due to the kind of thinking you would expect, “What if we […]

The Simplicity And Power of Being Alive

Last Monday my practitioners group met to discuss where they are in their understanding of the three principles. The primary theme of the day was “aliveness.” Many of the practitioners discussed the bizarre and freeing experience of still living life minus the personal drama and suffering!  The overwhelming description was, “My life is still the […]

The Great Gift of Life

Living is the simplest, truest, most humbled act of human existence. To carry on in the face of fear, regret, guilt, anger, shame – is an act of courage and resilience. When I am faced with horrific acts of violence, I am struck by the grace that must exist for people to live; to carry […]

“Help Me” Enrollment

“There must be something for me to learn here…” Is what I thought, when I received a series of e-mails and phone calls asking for help. Some of them were for enrolling new clients into pre-existing businesses and some were “I don’t feel better – can you help me?” I was immediately struck by a […]

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