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Jeanne Cropped 2When you read these words, you may think that I am telling you that depression, dark thinking, anger, guilt, feelings are your fault.

Right now, as you are about to read these words, step out of this thinking, set it aside. It does not serve you, and it goes nowhere.

Assigning blame to a system that is perfectly designed to create experience is a lost cause. We are, each of us, experiencing the fact of thought ALL THE TIME. No one can be free of thought. It is a constantly, never-ending stream which we only “see” in very small glimpses.

Like a fish in water, we don’t know we are swimming in thought. When clients realize they are swimming in thought, there are as many reactions as there are people. Once people see beyond their habitual thinking, they wake up to a simple freedom that is full of life – thought is designed to give you the human experience, and your unique design defines the unique way thought flows through you.

We are all living within thought, the power of creation. WE ARE NOT IN CHARGE. We do not get to decide which thought will rain down on us when, and we do not get to decide how much or how little we are going to receive.

BUT there is one fundamental truth. When you realize the FACT OF THOUGHT as the power behind what you are experiencing, you can stop taking it so seriously. If you feel depressed, if you feel angry, if you feel anxious – whatever the human experience, you can be CONFIDENT that it is created through thought.

While there will be times when you will need a doctor to help you with the biology of your body, the only way you can know your needs is through thought. It is your personal thinking that defines how you read this, how you go for help, what you think of what you are doing. A word of advice: if you hear a small voice within you say “get help,” DO IT.

Saying that thought is how we experience the world doesn’t mean that we are in charge or that we shouldn’t get needed medical help. That is the beauty of this simple teaching. When you see that your world is a social construct, co-created by your personal thought habits and fueled by a much larger spiritual system beyond your control – then there will be implications for this understanding that are yours.

You will know what to do no matter what anyone else thinks, no matter what you think. Put down your busy mind. Listen to your wisdom. Make it simple.

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Dedicated to our Community

After my friend heard about the loss of a community member she said,
“I just want to go home and be with people who are alive.”

foggy trees by Ashleigh Sellman

More than 30,000 human beings die of suicide every year in the U.S. alone.

After Robin Williams died, one of my clients asked me to write about suicide and depression. She said, “I think your perspective is really needed right now.”

My perspective? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to die. In fact, most people I know are terrified of dying. They look for any reason to avoid thinking about it, let alone doing it. What would drive 30,000 people the other way?

The answer is startlingly simple. What drives people? Thought.

If you are feeling depressed, life can look dark and can feel so numb that nothing pleases you. Thought creates these feelings.

Like a dark cloud of rain obscuring your view of the mountain: You can’t distinguish the cloud and all its thousands of particles that block the view, but you certainly see the darkness descend. Your windows become dark, the view outside obscure, suddenly you are in a black box.

If you didn’t know this storm would pass – if you thought the mountain was gone forever, that you were cursed to live under a dark stormy cloud for the rest of your life – well even you or I would consider how to get out.

We buy into our thinking, and we participate in the great human mystery that:
· We feel what we think
· Our thinking is endless and infinite
· We are not in control

Everyone needs to learn the power of thought. Everyone needs to know how it really works.

We can point out to each other the goodness, the peace, and the love that is. We can remind each other:

There is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken, and you do not need to be fixed. You are part of a spiritual/physical system, which we still don’t understand. You will learn, grow and heal. You are living in the feeling of your thinking and nothing else. The feeling of your thinking will change, and change and change. You are normal.

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The Power of Not Being Healed – Beautiful

Fire in the Hall

fire alarmWhile on retreat a fire alarm went off in the middle of the night. People stumbled out of their rooms, their hearts pounding and hands sweating. They came together in the street and held each other, some people cried. The air was cool and the surroundings quiet. The night manager came out to sooth the crowd.

“So sorry!” She said, “It was a false alarm. Please go back to bed. It is perfectly safe.”

Some people went back to bed and slept. Some people lay in bed tossing and turning. Some people raided the kitchen and drank tea, hoping to calm down. A handful of people confided their worries and fears to others. There were as many responses to the situation as there were people in the crowd.

The amount of time it took for each person to adjust to the new information from the manager reflects each person’s level of mental flexibility.

Flexibility of the mind is an important feature for recovering from human experiences. A person with more flexibility will recover their equilibrium, their sense of calm and ease, more quickly.

I see the ability to respond as my client’s greatest asset. When my clients first hire me, they are struggling with the chaos and rigidity of their own thinking. The fire alarm is going off in their minds and they are taking it so seriously, that they are tossing and turning in their own experience.

The result of working with me is recognizing that the mind naturally returns to peace, ease and presence. Moments of mental stress are simply thought, gathered up and experienced consciously or unconsciously. As people clear their minds and answer their own questions, flexibility of the mind increases.

One person who sits with me said, “I muddle through and have low expectations, and I feel great.”

Other people shared, “I don’t know how to tell people about what we do but it changes everything. I don’t spend a quarter of the time on the worries and fears I used to have.”

Still more pointed out, “It’s not that the chaos and rigidity went completely away, it’s more like I don’t take that thinking seriously anymore and the few times I do, it is shorter and easier.”

My clients have more energy, more clarity and more progress because they see how the mind works.

Understanding the principles of the mind has the biggest impact I have ever seen on mental health and performance – and I love to share these principles.

Contact me if you want flexibility, resilience, clarity and peace of mind. Info at divine play dot com or call Three Principles Training Center: 434-218-9500.


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