I can’t give it away but…

I don’t have to. You already have it inside of you. Everything you need to experience love, forgiveness, compassion, peace of mind, productivity, creativity… limitless potential resides within you. Then where is it? I can hear the question as it hangs on the tip of your tongue. Like a sour piece of fruit – too […]

What’s the Point of Understanding?

There is a potential for understanding that is beyond what I already know. This is fundamentally true. It has nothing to do with my intellectual capacity. In fact, too much thinking, analysis, or simply seeing the importance of knowledge can grab the attention of our little minds. Personal thinking, habitual thinking can dominate our lives, […]

Sending You and Your Children Love

“What does it mean, we don’t need to do anything or fix anything, when clearly we are all seeking something different, which is a gentler life? How does a deeper understanding evolve out of doing nothing?” The part of us that tries to get somewhere other than where we are, cannot understand the Principles. Learning […]

The Secret to Controlling Your Thoughts!

I am about to tell you the most powerful and most overlooked truth that no one has ever told you. The thing is, you already know it to be true! What is ridiculous is that I even have to write it down – that is how SIMPLE and TRUE this truth is. And you don’t […]


Friends and family often tell me, “you could sell ice to an Eskimo!” Typically this expression isn’t considered a positive one, yet when my friends and family say it to me, they say it with a twinkle in their eye and a smile. it used to bother me until I realized I would never sell […]

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