The Impersonal Nature of Thought

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As a child, I saw the connection between thought and behavior very clearly. My mother was depressed for a long time, and I could see her face change as unhappy thoughts flooded her mind. One time, I saw her face begin to darken, and I interrupted her: “Hey mom, look at this!” I made a funny face, and I was rewarded with a smile; I made more, and I heard her laugh! I thought I had found the secret to her well-being. I became a master of watching for thought change by watching her face, and over time, became a master at shaping my own face.

But it wasn’t long until my own thinking got me down. According to life of Jeanne, “I am responsible for keeping my mother happy.” It got to the point that I was afraid to leave her alone, and later, afraid to be with her.

Somebody should have told me how thought worked! How the system is designed for an endless stream of thought, and that the only thing that is happening is thought in the moment, at any and every moment.

What’s helpful about knowing that thought is moment to moment? For me, it changed my feeling of responsibility from one of burden and fear to one of love and responsiveness. For me, it allows me to enjoy my relationships, even with people who have depressed, hostile, or angry thinking. To me it means that no one’s thinking is personal to me.

And the results to my thinking? I have clearer, simpler thinking. I can be more at peace in the face of anything, and from that state of mind, I am also far more effective.

Would you like to know more about the impersonal nature of thought? About living life with ease and simplicity no matter what? About gaining more freedom within your self? Join us this Thursday, January 30th at 7 pm and hear Dr. Jack Pransky share “Simple Truths For Living Well.”  Tickets on sale now. School teachers receive a 20% discount at the door! Call to hold your spot: 434-218-9500

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  1. Love what you share about the impersonal nature of thought. Leads me to view what happens in life as impersonal, too.

    Wish you all well with the Jack Pransky talk tonight. I *really* loved his book, Somebody Should Have Told Us, so expect his talk to be illuminating to say the least! :-)

    With love,

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