Divine Play helps people lead happier, fulfilled lives through highly-effective training programs that shift the way people view the world. Recently, there have been a lot of discoveries in neuroscience concerning thought and cognition and how it affects the way we live. There is also a huge consciousness movement going on, pointing to the same thing – that your thoughts control your reality. The things we are finding out from fields of neuroscience, quantum physics and philosophy, about the potential for our mental health and our relationships, both in work and in play, are quite surprising. The things we are learning are different from the way most of us were taught to think. The impact of this understanding is not just marginal. It’s huge, and we want to give everyone access to this information. This is not about motivation. Having a “life-changing experience” can be scary. Divine Play’s approach is gentle and practical.

Our Three Principles Training is not a new tool, method or prescription, but an insight. It is an opening of a new perspective, spontaneously causing shifts. You can have a significantly better life experience without changing your circumstances. The brain works better when people are not stressed and no longer worried about their problems. Solutions to problems come spontaneously when we are not pressured to find them. Thoughts take a lot of energy. Once you start living moment to moment and let go of those thoughts, you suddenly have an incredible amount of energy to accomplish what you need to do. The understanding and perspective from our training programs cause people to feel freer, lighter, happier and more peaceful.

Our training programs allow clients to look at their lives from a new dimension. Once they see this perspective, their lives will spontaneously never be the same. After completing the programs, clients report being happier, being more productive, having peace of mind, and in better relationships with their family members. Many people come because they are feeling dissatisfied with life or are going through a major transition. After a few days, many report that their lives are forever changed.


Most people do not realize that their lives can be significantly happier than they currently are. They think that life is hard and that struggling is normal. With a simple shift in understanding, your life will be better; it can be much better. Divine Play’s training has a tangible, physical impact based in neuroscience that increases your productivity, efficacy and efficiency.

According to research in neuroscience, it’s really true that people who feel better do better. They make better decisions, think faster on their feet and interact with others in positive and productive ways. When you’re not paralyzed by your problems and stress, you’re able to deal with life effectively by focusing on the next action steps to accomplish what you need to do. With the perspective from Divine Play’s training programs, our clients report having more clarity and experiencing efficient and easy decision making. Divine Play’s approach is practical. It gives people the ability to successfully navigate difficult situations. It provides the perspective that allows you to let go of your superhuman expectations, so that you can simply be real and deal with what is in front of you.

Our goal is for you to reap benefits from a new understanding, one that allows you unlimited access to your internal resource – your wisdom. There are tangible benefits to seeing your well-being and understanding the universality of your experience. Benefits that include being a happier, more satisfied person.

You don’t need your circumstances to change to feel better!

People who experience our training immediately begin to feel better about their lives and relationships. The change in perspective allows people to grow into the full potential of their family relationships. Feeling marginally better is not good enough! Your life can be better in quantum fashion. Divine Play’s training is action-oriented, practical, and tailored to each participant’s specific situation. Come spend a few days with us and leave experiencing life with a fresh understanding! We provide educational programming to help you understand the principles of your experience so that you then can go forward without needing anybody’s interference or help. These principles are practical, and because you can take them with you everywhere in your life, your life is made much better. While some understanding will create improvement in our lives, there is still a learning process by which you eventually “get it” at a gut level. It’s like knowing when to take a shot in basketball. Or, how to ride a bike. Our training programs are designed to give you an understanding or the three principles that you “get” at a gut level.



Divine Play is first and foremost a community organization. We serve families, community members and people who work together. Our vision is that the Center would be an integral part of the Charlottesville community. We offer various training intensives, group programs and seminars. Our facility is also available for community events and various other programs, like the Center for Sustainable Change's Three Principles Battery Prevention Program, which is hosted here. The Center is also home to a weekly radio show discussing the Three Principles. Connected. Calm. Peaceful. These are some of the words that have been used to describe the Center. The Divine Play Training Center is a great place for families, coworkers and community members to become more connected.

Video Testimonial of the 3 Principles Work


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