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April 20th Public Talk: When Things Falls Apart / Jeanne Catherine
May 10th Workshop: Thriving in Relationships / Jen Lucas
May 18th Public Talk: Waking Up To Your Potential / Jeanne Catherine
May 31st 2-Day Workshop: Beyond Fear / Jeanne Catherine

This Month – Sandra Krot – Listen Now!

Jeanne Catherine interviews Three Principles Pioneer, Sandy Krot.

Listen to Sandy's story of discovery as a mental health practitioner and the evolution of her work from counseling families to consulting companies.

The Mind Only Works One Way with Sandra Krot


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Jeanne Catherine

Fleeting Self – Part 2

“I say there is this living reality, call it God, truth, or what you like, and it cannot be found or realized through search.  Where there is the implication of search, there must be contrast and duality” (Krishnamurti, P. … Read More

Jean New Favorite

The Fleeting Self: Part I

When describing Mind, Neurobiologist Dan Siegal shares: “it is a system that entails the flow of energy and information within the brain and between one another.” The Fleeting Self The things that people use to define … Read More

Jean w:group

Beyond Fear: For Everybody

Yesterday I received a call asking for information about my upcoming workshop this Saturday, Beyond Fear. The person wanted to know what we were going to talk about? What was the process and what could be expected? I explained … Read More

The Missing Link

"We are so quick to identify with things happening to us from the outside in." - client insight, Chad Langston It is tempting, isn't it? After all, my husband really did leave a huge mess in the living room, or I really didn't … Read More


Does the brain define us?

"To the mainstream materialist way of thinking, only the physical is real. Anything nonphysical is at best an artifact, at worst an illusion."  The Mind and the Brain, Schwartz & Begley Some neuroscientists have fallen into … Read More

Does anyone have more answers than you?

I am the last expert you will ever need. I don’t mean you won’t want to hire a housekeeper, or visit a cardiologist; I mean that after we work together you will see your own wisdom and you will stop looking to other people to give … Read More

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Upcoming Events

Thriving In Relationships, May 10th

Thriving In Relationships, May 10th


Jeanne made me more impeccable. She helped me sense my aliveness, to move from 'what is the world going to throw at me today?' to 'relaxed, hopeful, peaceful, and excited!' Jeanne helped me define, with a clarity I have not known before.

Kate Finalyson
Nia Faculty Trainer
Jeanne embodies depth and passion in her practice.  She challenged me to be my best self, to dig deeply, to identify and honor my body's knowledge.  She encouraged me to focus on moving toward that which is nourishing and sustaining in my life rather than just finding ways to mitigate that which isn't.  Jeanne walks the talk in her practice.

Mable Kinzie

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