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Steve Chandler Interviews Jeanne on Wealth Warrior

When renowned coach Steve Chandler heard Jeanne on her radio show, he invited her to be a guest on his own Wealth Warrior series. Listen in as Steve and Jeanne talk about money, thought and more. It's a wonderful and enlightening conversation!

"I just finished listening to your interview with Steve, and was inspired by your clarity, authenticity, vulnerability and transperency. Your ability to communicate the context underlying all human experience is done with such exquisite grace, ease, and mastery." - Irene Kendig


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avatarI just had an insight as I was piddling in the kitchen. I think one of the things I mentioned to you was that in this conversation I felt I needed to "stand for myself." What I just saw is that the need to stand for myself is an illusion, it would assume that all is not ok and in some way that I had to defend myself against something…I just saw that this is an illusion. With me as God and everyone as God there is no need to stand for myself. It is innate in who I am, no extra support needed. So big. Thank you Jeanne Catherine!!!

Kim Kaase
LEAP Business Coaching
avatarConversations with Jeanne are unfailingly helpful (even when I'm resistant as hell!).  Jeanne brings true curiosity and non-judgement to our conversation, that allow me to tell the truth about what I'm thinking and feeling.  From there, her ability to shift my perception and be open to something different always give me the sensation of emerging from stuffy darkness into light and open air.

Susan McCulley
Black Belt Nia Teacher

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