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Waking UP: The Neuroscience of Awareness

Waking UP: The Neuroscience of Awareness - Internet Radio Show - Every Monday at 9 am pacific / 5 pm UK

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The End of Suffering with Jeanne Catherine-Gray

Join Jeanne for the first installment of her new radio show. Does the end of suffering sound like too great a promise? What is the difference between suffering and pain? How can we get to the end of suffering for ourselves. Listen or download to hear the simplicity.


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The End of Suffering

“The Buddha tailored his answers not only to the question but also to the questioner’s needs [§5, §99]. He could often detect the assumptions or beliefs lying behind a question [§66], and could tell when two questions—though … Read More

writing pic

The Only Thing You Need to Know to Be a WRITER

Recently I read a published piece by Walter Mosley on writing. I realized I had a thing or two to say on the subject: If you want to be a writer, you have to write. There is no getting out of that one small prerequisite. … Read More


Thought – the Power

When you read these words, you may think that I am telling you that depression, dark thinking, anger, guilt, feelings are your fault. Right now, as you are about to read these words, step out of this thinking, set it aside. It … Read More

foggy trees by Ashleigh Sellman

Dedicated to our Community

After my friend heard about the loss of a community member she said, “I just want to go home and be with people who are alive." More than 30,000 human beings die of suicide every year in the U.S. alone. After Robin … Read More

The Power of Not Being Healed – Beautiful

http://www.ishiprograms.org/about/the-power-of-wholeness-2/ … Read More

fire alarm

Fire in the Hall

While on retreat a fire alarm went off in the middle of the night. People stumbled out of their rooms, their hearts pounding and hands sweating. They came together in the street and held each other, some people cried. The air was … Read More

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Excellent presentation yesterday, Jeanne. It was well worth my time. The result? Being more aware of my thoughts and experiencing more peace. Thank you!

Chad Langston
IT Consultant
avatarSince working with Jeanne I have more clarity and focus. What surprises me about Jeanne is her fearlessness...she is all about going for it and living life to the fullest. Watching her accomplish her goals and dreams inspires me to do the same. Jeanne is a great listener, who has a remarkable ability to get to the core of an issue or obstacle. She does not allow you to play small and I just love that. If you want to have someone tell you why you can't make your dreams come true don't go to Jeanne...she will have none of it. She is all about what is possible.

Susan Ferion

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