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Join Jeanne Catherine and Divine Play Associates to rediscover the secret to thriving through life no matter the circumstances. Scroll down to listen, read a blog or check out our upcoming trainings.

Body as Circumstance: Begins March 1st

Join Brad Stoller and Pam Gibson to discover something beyond creams, diets, exercise, or self-help practices and step into a new understanding of your innate wellness.

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Embracing Grief with Dicken Bettinger and Jeanne Catherine-Gray

Dicken BettingerJeanne New FavoriteJoin Jeanne Catherine-Gray and Dicken Bettinger as they discuss and reflect upon living life with all of its many surprises, especially when living with our feelings of grief.

"I listened to this only two days after my uncle died. I was sitting at the dining room table with my aunt. I found it to be so gentle and, well, perfect really. I recommend it to anyone who has ever experienced loss." - Jen Lucas


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“Please Let Me Out” – Part 1

This past Friday night I spoke to a group about the human experience. I was so struck by the need participants felt for getting away from their experience. Unhappiness, upset, bad moments and genuine dislike for oneself can be … Read More

One Spot Left

During an interview with Dicken Bettinger, he spoke about the experience of loss as something that can be suffered through or as something that can invite us into a deeper understanding of life. This past Saturday night, as I … Read More

A Picture of The Milky Way in The Norther Hemisphere.

Relationship Tip 3 # The One Thing Worth Following

My daughter wanted a telescope for Christmas. It was caught in the slow mail and she patiently checked for boxes every day. When it finally arrived, the whole family bundled up and trooped outside. It was literally freezing, but … Read More


Relationship Tip #2: Decency?

Cultivate your sense of decency. Use the word that works for you, but don’t go for extreme bliss. If you want to change your kids, impress on your boss the importance of your ideas, or simply wish you could get some help with … Read More

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Relationship Tip #1 (Apply to Every Topic)

Tip #1: Recognize your crazy. When you are saying to your child, “If you don’t clean your room up right now I am not going to buy you cookie dough for the rest of your life,” that is a bit crazy. When you are saying to your … Read More

New Year's Resolutions

A Gift, A Curse: The Intention Dilemma

Every year, as I listen to the radio or follow along on Facebook, I hear a very similar theme. “What is it that I want to do this year? How do I really make it happen this time?” It's not that intention doesn’t work, it just … Read More

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Excellent presentation yesterday, Jeanne. It was well worth my time. The result? Being more aware of my thoughts and experiencing more peace. Thank you!

Chad Langston
IT Consultant
About a 10-minute conversation with Jen: I did not realize this until I got back to my office – but I was getting a bit worried and stuck with the development of my project. … [A]fter our talk I feel clearer and more excited about all this. You are an angel sent to me today. Thanks for your thoughtful suggestions and guidance regarding my talk topic.


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