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Join Jeanne Catherine and Divine Play Associates to rediscover the secret to thriving through life no matter the circumstances. Scroll down to listen, read a blog or check out our upcoming trainings.

Waking Up And Thriving: The Simple Truth: Begins May 15thth
Join Jeanne Catherine-Gray and associates to discover a simple new way of uncovering your humanity, your sense of ease, and your peace of mind.

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Quiet Mind, Loving Heart with Dicken Bettinger

Dicken BettingerJeanne New FavoriteJoin Jeanne Catherine-Gray with favorite guest Dr. Dicken Bettinger to understand better the natural result to slowing down, listening within and discovering a loving heart.

"I listened to you and Dicken on your radio show last night in bed... WONDERFUL experience." - Steve Chandler


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The Power, The Gift & The Reality

Several clients have reached out to me this week and asked the same kind of question, "What do I do when I have terrible thinking that causes me pain? How can I get out of it? How can I remember that it is not real?" Here is … Read More

The Simple Truth

Last year was a crazy year for me, and my family. From false accusations to a cancer diagnosis to a major custody battle, my family did it all. While I was not always calm, cool and collected - I cried hysterically on the phone … Read More


Life is Simpler Than You Think!

At Divine Play, we used to think life had to be figured out, planned and executed step by step. But what we discovered is that life is simpler than we thought. Case in point: This month, effortlessly, Jen Lucas co-founded … Read More

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“Please Let Me Out” – Part 1

This past Friday night I spoke to a group about the human experience. I was so struck by the need participants felt for getting away from their experience. Unhappiness, upset, bad moments and genuine dislike for oneself can be … Read More

One Spot Left

During an interview with Dicken Bettinger, he spoke about the experience of loss as something that can be suffered through or as something that can invite us into a deeper understanding of life. This past Saturday night, as I … Read More

A Picture of The Milky Way in The Norther Hemisphere.

Relationship Tip 3 # The One Thing Worth Following

My daughter wanted a telescope for Christmas. It was caught in the slow mail and she patiently checked for boxes every day. When it finally arrived, the whole family bundled up and trooped outside. It was literally freezing, but … Read More

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The 4-day intensive with Jen was the best thing I have ever done for myself.

More than just transformation, I feel like Jeanne Catherine helped me to take it to the next level. To reform it, move into a new place, a new focus, a realignment of my energy field. That is what I feel like she helped me create. Like I can't look at the world in the same way as before I got on the phone with her.

Marie Skinner
Nia Faculty Trainer, Entrepreneur, Studio Owner, Sensation Adventurist

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