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August 8th Public Talk: On the Front Porch with Ami Chen, 1 - 2 pm ET / Jen Lucas as guest

Human beings attempt to find answers by getting busy. But doing more to fix your problem creates more difficulties than it resolves. At Divine Play: Three Principles Training Center, we educate individuals, couples and groups in an effective & simple understanding. We help overwhelmed parents find ease, anxious women find peace, business leaders find clarity, and couples find partnership.

Join us at an upcoming event and change the foundation for living your life.

This Month – Divine Play Graduates – Listen Now!

Simple Questions, Simple Answers, Listen In!

Join Transformational Leadership Graduates, Emma Campbell, Lisa Eller, Wendy Vigdor-Hess and Cali Gaston as they answer questions about how the program changed their lives and what is now simple and universal to their lives.


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fire alarm

Fire in the Hall

While on retreat a fire alarm went off in the middle of the night. People stumbled out of their rooms, their hearts pounding and hands sweating. They came together in the street and held each other, some people cried. The air was … Read More

The Human Experience

Imagine waking up every morning and opening your eyes only to discover that you are still under the covers. As you look around you examine the bedspread from underneath. It is a bit dark and the colors are less defined but you are … Read More

When Everything Is a Milkshake

My ex-husband has an expensive lawyer who likes to read my blog. (Hi Barry!) I know this because when my ex filed a protective order against me, claiming he was afraid for his life and the life of his family, Barry printed out … Read More

Jeanne Catherine

Fleeting Self – Part 2

“I say there is this living reality, call it God, truth, or what you like, and it cannot be found or realized through search.  Where there is the implication of search, there must be contrast and duality” (Krishnamurti, P. … Read More

Jean New Favorite

The Fleeting Self: Part I

When describing Mind, Neurobiologist Dan Siegal shares: “it is a system that entails the flow of energy and information within the brain and between one another.” The Fleeting Self The things that people use to define … Read More

Jean w:group

Beyond Fear: For Everybody

Yesterday I received a call asking for information about my upcoming workshop this Saturday, Beyond Fear. The person wanted to know what we were going to talk about? What was the process and what could be expected? I explained … Read More

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Upcoming Events

Beyond Fear 3-Day Workshop

Beyond Fear 3-Day Workshop


avatarI just had an insight as I was piddling in the kitchen. I think one of the things I mentioned to you was that in this conversation I felt I needed to "stand for myself." What I just saw is that the need to stand for myself is an illusion, it would assume that all is not ok and in some way that I had to defend myself against something…I just saw that this is an illusion. With me as God and everyone as God there is no need to stand for myself. It is innate in who I am, no extra support needed. So big. Thank you Jeanne Catherine!!!

Kim Kaase
LEAP Business Coaching
Excellent presentation yesterday, Jeanne. It was well worth my time. The result? Being more aware of my thoughts and experiencing more peace. Thank you!

Chad Langston
IT Consultant

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